iMed Aesthetics offers the best in aesthetics technology backed by quality Swiss engineering with safety being at the heart of each system to ensure you can provide your clients with safe, non-surgical, non-invasive and pain free treatments. Developed over the last 9 years by leading Biologists, Aesthetic Specialists and pioneers in the medical field, our iMed systems really do deliver innovative and effective treatments that provide long-term investment and results.

iMed +1

Fat Reduction (Ultrasound Cavitation)

iMed +1 is a cutting-edge, ultrasound cavitation device, which sets a new standard in fat reduction technology. Using an innovative range of lower frequencies and intelligent probes, iMed +1 penetrates deep into fatty tissue and offers a safe treatment with instant results.

iMed +1 is a new, pioneering device for fat removal that works by cavitation: fat cells are subjected to specific frequencies of ultrasound, expanding and collapsing bubbles within the cell to create heat energy and cause irreparable damage to the cell membrane. Damaged fat cells are naturally removed from the body via the lymphatic and waste systems.

This non-invasive, pain free, fat reduction solution uses real time technology and feedback control to constantly measure the resistance, energy and temperature and instantly adjust parameters to ensure the safest most effective treatment.

A variety of hand pieces provide the safest most efficient treatment to all areas of the body including the neck and chin areas.

Non Invasive, Pain Free, Fat Reduction

Features & Benefits 
  • Revolutionary and innovative pain free fat reduction
  • Technology: Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Applications: Fat reduction of body, Fat reduction of neck/chin, Lymphedemas
  • Operator Requirements: Level 3 Therapist, Level 4 Therapist, Nurse, Doctor

iMed +2

Vascular Stimulation & Cellulite Treatment

iMed +2 is a vacuumed massage system providing vascular stimulation, lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction. Ideal for treating a range of treatments including cellulite and the reduction of scarring and stretch marks. The ideal accompanying systems is our iMed +1 Fat Reduction and iMed +3 which lifts and tightens the skin.

The +2 uses various sized handpieces that alternate between sucking and blowing motions to manipulate and massage the tissues in problem areas; stimulating the blood flow and improving the overall look and smoothness of the treated area. The treatment is ideal for cellulite areas and is pain free, whilst assisting with the Lymph Drainage process, as well as sculpting and plumping of the skin.

Vascular Stimulation

Features & Benefits 
  • Pain free and non-invasive
  • Can be used all over the face
    and body
  • Improves the look of Scars and Stretch Marks (including silver stretch marks) as well as Cellulite
  • Enhances circulation to damaged tissue
  • Reduces water retention and encourages the lymphdrainage for the removal of fatty fluids naturally
  • Offers temporary plumping to lips, cheeks, forehead and bust line
  • No bruising or damage to the skin

iMed +3

Skin Tightening – Bipolar Radio Frequency

iMed +3 is a CE certified bipolar radiofrequency device. Equipped with micro-current functionality and three gradients of dermal rollers, its custom designed, insulated electrodes enable treatment all over the body and face to both rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

iMed +3 incorporates bipolar radiofrequency technology to deliver a highly effective, safe and pain free skin tightening solution. The client will feel a slow pleasant temperature rise in the tissue and on the skin’s surface, resulting in a relaxing massage like treatment. The cell’s metabolism increases as heat is generated within the tissue, which in turn increases the need for oxygen and nutrients thereby stimulating the activity of fibroblasts in the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. While an immediate result is achieved, the effects of the treatment can continue for the next 4-6 months

A Cutting-edge Skin Tightening system

Features & Benefits 
  • Pain free and non-invasive
  • Regenerates, repairs and restructures the skin
  • Boosts collagen and the skins elasticity
  • Immediate and visible results
  • Ideal for post pregnancy and after weight loss to tighten and improve the overall skin surface for a smooth and radiant glow

iMed +5

Laser Hair Removal

iMed +5 gives you the power of three laser wavelength technologies in one system. Enables the treatment of all types of skin pigmentation including Asian, Black and Fair skins; allowing the removal of blonde, grey and red hair. Our device works safely, and treatment times are halved due to accuracy and speed of the treatment offering a pain free treatment.

The +5 device is an advanced permanent hair reduction system that can treat all hair and skin pigmentations. The +5 works with three individual wave lengths; Diode, Alexandrite, ND Yag to ensure you get the best results for your clients. Using a lower heat, with the same energy as traditional systems, it analyses the skin to allow you to glide back and forth over the skin to effectively remove the hair. The laser guide has a cooling system with a pre-and post-treatment head to cool the skin and ensures the treatment is comfortable and pain free.

The Power of 3 in 1 Wave Head

Features & Benefits 
  • Pain free and non-invasive
  • Rapid results allow you to treat more clients across the day
  • The power of three laser wave lengths in one device
  • Can be used on all hair colours and skin pigmentations
  • Cooling mechanism on laser guide and separate cooling hand-piece
  • Low temperature ranges from 5-40 °C

iMed +6

Laser Belt - Rapid Fat Reduction

Our +6 system melts stubborn fat and firms the skin. It provides instant, rapid, reduction in fat and is ideally for customers looking for quick fix treatment. We would recommend using with + 7 Presso Therapy to assist the removal of broken down fat cells and iMed +1 fat reduction providing more long-term results.

iMed +6 Laser Belt Device uses lasers that penetrates into the skin using heat to liquify the fat cells that can then be processed through the Liver and urinary system. The Laser Belt does not kill the fat cells unlike our iMed +1 system, but turns them into a liquid form, the fat cell remains empty but the fat can be reabsorbed into the body (hence why this is a quick fix for your clients). To increase the process of removing liquefied fat cells out of the body we recommend our +7 Presso Therapy.

Rapid Fat Reduction

Features & Benefits 
  • Pain free and non-invasive
  • Rapid and instant results giving your clients that “Quick Fix”
  • Can be used on all skin pigmentations including darker tones
  • Maximise salon profit whilst client is having Laser Belt Treatment
  • Very relaxing for clients and can be offered as an “Express lunch-time treatment” before that special event or holiday.

iMed +7

Presso Therapy – Lymphatic Drainage

Our iMed +7 is a pressurised, massage based treatment that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph whilst reducing toxins to the body. Combined with iMed’s +1 Fat Reduction and iMed +6 Laser Belt you can achieve ultimate, visibly instant results for clients. Used independently, it is great to improve blood circulation, reduce water retention, as well as supporting you client detox treatments; flushing toxins out through the lymph nodes.

The +7 Presso Therapy works to stimulate the lymph system which is part of the body’s immune system helping to fight infection, transporting oxygen cells and nutrients around the body whilst also collecting toxins and flushing these out through the lymph nodes. The full body, Presso suit has a range of different chambers that fill up individually to increase the flow of lymph and blood flow push it towards the lymph nodes. A smart monitor watch is also provided to read the client’s heart rate and temperature to ensure maximum safety and a comfortable and relaxing treatment for your client.

Lymphatic Drainage

Features & Benefits 
  • Non-invasive and pain free
  • Relaxing massage like treatment
  • Smart Watch to monitor
    clients heart rate and temperature
  • Enables two treatments at one time offering greater profitability
  • Improves circulation and water retention as well as refreshing achy and tired muscles
  • Assist clients who are looking to detox and remove toxins from their system

iMed +11

Skin Resurfacing & Anti-Ageing

iMed +11 is a revolutionary new standard in aesthetic technology and efficiency that uses innovative fractional radiofrequency to deliver instantly visible results to skin.

Similar to fractional laser, fractional radiofrequency uses electrical arcs on the edge of a hand piece to create a series of thermal micro holes at various dermal depths. At the same time, oxygen molecules are heated in the air to produce a spark where ozone forms on the skin, giving a beneficial anti-bacterial effect. Uniquely, this treatment can be used on all skin types and colours without risk of hyperpigmentation. The depth, width and total energy can all be controlled by the parameters built into the iMed +11, enabling a range of treatments and results to be achieve

A revolutionary anti-aeging treatment with other aesthetic applications.

Features & Benefits 
  • Pain free and non-invasive
  • Immediate results with ongoing effects
  • Can be used on all skin types and colours
  • Creates radiant skin and smooths fine lines
  • Treats a broad range of skin imperfections
  • Helps products to be absorbed deeper into the skin
  • No down time for clients