iMed Aesthetics is part of iMed Group International who are a group of specialist companies that provide unique, innovative and cutting-edge products, technologies and solutions in the fields of anti-ageing, non-surgical aesthetics, neuro and muscular-skeletal rehabilitation, fast pain relief and sports performance. All our products are designed to improve Quality of Life and offer the very latest creations from our Swiss designers who have been working with the iMed Groups’ leading Biologists and Scientists over the last decade.

The “i” in iMed stands for Intelligent as well as Innovative and we stand apart from others because of our core values and our determination to be the best in every area with a commitment to research and development to bring to market the very best in leading, cutting edge technologies and products that offer pain free, non-invasive, non-surgical treatments.

We are capitalised by a group of UK based private investors who share our corporate values and our passion for the industry in which we operate. As sole contracted Distributers, iMed Aesthetics offer our Partners a unique range of systems with full training for up to 4 Therapists which is provided by our experienced team from our Beaconsfield HQ Training Centre of Excellence.

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please contact our sales team on 01494 257475 of email sales@imed-aesthetics.com


Our Founder, John Corbett, was driven by a passion to advance technologies in both pain management and Aesthetics to improve the effectiveness of treatments and limit the invasive and often painful procedures that he witnessed. Since 2009, John has been working with leading scientists and Doctor’s across Europe to develop our innovative treatment systems and products for both the Medical and Aesthetic industry.

His determination to improve the patient’s quality of life and the individual’s treatment experience led to the birth of iMed Aesthetics in 2014. Today, we offer a truly intelligent and innovative range of products and systems that are non-surgical, non-invasive and pain free.


The “i” in iMed really does mean something to us and as a Group we believe that our success is not based on just having great products and ideas but that our core values must be at the heart of what we do. As a business, we have adopted strong principles that governs everything we do.


At iMed Group we choose to innovate and lead in our research and development programs; often being pioneers in our field to combine technology with quality treatment systems that really work and provide lasting results for patients, making our products worthwhile investments.


Our treatment systems and products respond intelligently, using available technologies and knowledge in revolutionary ways that work with the body’s own intricate and intelligent systems.


We recognise the need to treat each patient, each client, each co-worker as an individual in delivering the very best service and treatment programs that respond personally. Working with the bodies unique systems our treatment programs are able to reset and stimulate the individual’s functions and neuro pathways to achieve results that are non-invasive and pain free.


We believe that honesty and transparency should be at the heart of all that we do with patient safety and care being paramount at all times. We understand our procedures and the value that they can bring but also the importance of training and quality which is delivered with each of our treatment programs. We strive to continually develop our business to meet these needs and to put the individual at the heart of what we do.